This year has been a year of constant changes.  My wife Mary and I have moved to the South side of Indianapolis this spring.  Of course, any time a move is made there are many steps and complications.  Also, both Mary and I took new jobs this year. Mary is GM of a nice Tuscan Italian restaurant up in northern Michigan.  She will be up there until late October while I’m holding down the fort here in Indy.

I am still hosting camps and teaching at other camps and seminars all over the US.  This weekend I am hosting an annual Small Circle Jujitsu Midwest Camp.  We have a fantastic lineup of instructors including, of course, Professor Leon Jay along with Professor Tony Maynard, Me, Grandmaster David Rhodes, Grandmaster John Mellon, Master David Quinonez, Master Brad Burgo, Master Josh Moree, Bob Michaelis, Scott Seip, Dr. Bob Joseph, Kevin Balmer & Harold Hart.  It id destined to be a great camp once again.

The first weekend of August will be the  18th annual Dillman Karate International Indy Summer Camp here.  Instructors will be Me,  GM Chris Thomas, GM Matt Brown, GM Ken Smith, GM Chuck Guass, GM Dustin Seale, GM Bill Homann,  GM Steve Cooper and many master level black belts.  Om Friday of the camp we will have a Menkyo (Mastery of Kyusho Jitsu and Tuite Jitsu) Test for qualified attendees.  This is now necessary when someone wants to be promoted into the mast levels of Ryukyu Kempo.  The camp instruction will be geared toward both basic and advanced levels.  This will be an opportunity not to miss.

The next big thing will be the Atlanta Masters Camp hosted by Master Josh Moree featuring Me, GM Dustin Seale, GM Ken Smith and Shihan Niklas Albrecht.

Stay tuned for frequent update here.  And as always, feel free to contact me with any questions.

Train on!