Kyusho Jitsu / Tuite
The Dillman Method of Pressure Point Fighting
George Dillman with Chris Thomas
ISBN 0-9631996-1-7

Advanced pressure Point Fighting of Ryukyu

George Dillman with Chris Thomas
ISBN 0-9631996-3-3

Advanced pressure Point Grappling – Tuite

George Dillman with Chris Thomas
ISBN 0-9631996-4-1
Small Circle Jujitsu

Small Circle Jujitsu

Wally Jay
ISBN 0-89750-122-5

Dynamic Jujitsu

Wally Jay
ISBN 0-920129-00-5
Modern Arnis

Modern Arnis – The Filipino Art of Stick

Remy Presas
ISBN 0-89750-089-X


First US Edition, Remy Presas
ISBN 0-9657796-0-2

Eastern Theory

Grasping the Wind

A. Ellis, N. Wiseman, K. Boss
ISBN 0-912111-19-4

Between Heaven and Earth

H. Beinfield, E. Korngold
ISBN 0-345-37974-8
Acupuncture / Acupressure / Oriental Medicine

Layman’s Guide to Acupuncture

Yoshio Manaka, Ian Urquhardt
ISBN 0834801078

Acupuncture (the Ancient Chinese Art of
Healing & How it Works Scientifically)

Felix Mann, MB
ISBN 0-394-71727-9

Do It Yourself Shiatsu

Watura Ohashi
ISBN 0-14-019-351-0

Reading the Body: Ohashi’s Book of Oriental

Watura Ohashi
ISBN 0-14-019-362-6
Chi Study

The Root of Chinese Chi Kung

Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming
ISBN 1886969507