The past two years have been a blur.  Many things changed, but, to keep it positive,we’re looking for a bright future at the dojo.  I am back to the same location that I opened in 2002 with a former partner.  Now, fortunately, the partner is gone and I am in there by myself.  The dojo is still called Carmel Martial Arts, LLC.  It was an S-corp before (Inc.), but now an LLC.

I plan to increase my presents on the seminar trail both in the US and in Europe.  I will travel most anywhere and teach seminars and camps for Ryukyu Kempo Karate and Small Circle Jujitsu.  If anyone wants to learn these arts or how to incorporate them into their system, I can do that.

Coming up the first week of May I am both hosting and teaching with Professor Leon Jay again this year.  He is starting his trip here with a big seminar in the Detroit area for Gary Brincat on MAy 5th.  On Sunday the 6th Gary will drive Prof Jay down to Columbus, OH to Mike Scarbrough’s Worthington Martial Arts school where Professor and I will teach together for a “Double Impact” seminar.  Professor will then teach the next three nights in the Indianapolis area.  On Thursday the 10th of May Professor and I will teach another “Double Impact” seminar in the New Albany area for Kevin Balmer.  We will then go over to the St. Louis area to teach for Tim Raftery on the 12th of May.

My two big camps are the Small Circle Jujitsu Camp on June 22, 23 & 24 and The 20th Annual DKI Camp on August 3, 4 & 5.  There are flyers for this on the site already.

I’ll be back in touch as the Summer of 2018 progresses.  CHEERS!